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Ways to Clear a Paper Shredder Jam

Even if you have money can buy the best paper shredder, it is likely that some day has to deal with the backlog of a paper shredder. While maintaining a good grinder (inc. grease the machine) can reduce the risk of a crash, is probably still a bottleneck at some point. The good news is that crushing jams are fairly easy to solve, if you know what you are doing and follow a few guidelines. In this article explains how to remove the jammed paper shredder machines, as well as some tips on how to avoid bottlenecks occurring in the first place.

First, if your machine gets stuck, unplug the grinder and let cool a bit, especially if you have been a lot of shredding documents. After the shredder had a chance to cool off, turn it on and click the "reverse" to see if the machine will eject the paper caught. You can also gently pull the jammed paper to try to remove it. If small pieces of paper are jamming the machine, you can try to remove the pieces with a pair of pliers – while the machine is disconnected, of course. (Just be careful because sharp objects can damage the blades.) These simple actions clear most jams. Remember to always unplug the machine to try to remove any jam. Doing so may prevent injuries to you and help you avoid damage to the shredder.

But sometimes the paper can be really good and solid. If so, soak the glued paper shredder oil. What oil saturated paper in 15 minutes, then repeat the steps listed above. This should solve your problem. Otherwise, you can have a bigger problem at hand. For instance, there may be a problem with the power of the paper shredder or food, so you’ll want to check the possibility of him. (Remember to call a professional for help if this is true.) Whatever you do, make sure you do not repeatedly press the reverse button if your machine does not work. Although it may seem like it will eventually, chances are it is not, and everything you need to do is frustrate you and possibly cause damage to your engine burn engine Shredder or the electrical system.

Finally, to lock in future, be sure to oil the machine regularly through the oil crushing. Shredder oil can simply apply the oil your shredder blades through the voice of paper. Then put the computer in reverse about 15 seconds, and then feed it to the paper, the excess oil. This helps keep grinding in good condition.

Remove obstructions more paper shredder is easy enough. The key thing to remember is to unplug it before trying to jam. And remember to keep extra choppers instead. Engine oil regularly, probably mill is working properly, and only if the computer must not be disturbed, shredder oil is an important tool to help you get the grinder – and himself – back to work faster. Visit to know more about the best paper shredders.