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Looking for the Best Micro Cut Paper Shredder Reviews? Long are the days when one used to burn the confidential papers just to make sure that no one can retrieve the information that was in those documents. Through the advanced technology of using the available paper shredders, it is possible to dispose of those confidential documents by cutting them into smaller paper strips which one cannot comprehend. Although there are the common shredders, there are those people who want to ascertain that their documents are safe for disposal and the most effective way to get this done is to use the paper shredders for micro cut. You can use the examples below to determine the best micro cut paper shredder.

 Best Selling Micro Cut Paper Shredders Comparison Chart

  • Bonsaii DocShred C156-C 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper
  • Bin Capacity: 5.5 gallons
  • Sheet Capacity: 8
  • Cut Type: Micro Cut
  • Bin Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Sheet Capacity: 10
  • Cut Type: Micro Cut
  • Bin Capacity: 8.5 gallons
  • Sheet Capacity: 14
  • Cut Type: Micro Cut

Top 3 Micro Shredder Paper Cutter Reviews


Bonsaii DocShred C156-C 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper

This type of paper shredder offers you an opportunity to get rid of your confidential documents whether in paper format or in CD format or in DVD format or even the hard cover documents such as credit cards. In terms of the number of papers it can shred at one time, it is important to note that this shredder has the opportunity to shred up to 8 sheets of paper at the same time without experiencing any paper jams.

You will, therefore, have the opportunity to shred multiple papers at the same time. Just like its name suggests , it shreds the paper in question into tiny pieces of paper measuring 4mm by 10mm which no one can be able to read through even when they try to fix the shredded document it is certainly not possible. It is built with an automatic start and stop feature which allows you to perform other tasks as the paper shredder performs its shredding without having to monitor it all the way. The only time you are required to do anything manually is when the papers jam and you will only have to hit a switch shown to you. Another scenario when your hands are needed is when the basket is full and you need to dispose the shredded documents to create room for new shreds. You should not worry about how you will learn about the basket being full since it will be visible and no one will need to tell you it is full. It is built on the basis of being user friendly where no technical skills are required for one to use it. If you have never used paper shredders before, you will only be required to follow the manual and you will be able to get your rid of your important and confidential documents without experiencing any hustles.


Fellowes Powershred 62MC 10-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder with SafetyLock (4685101)

Fellowes Powershred 62 MC Micro-Cut Shredder provides protection of confidential documents by shredding ten sheets of paper per pass into 2011 (7/64” X 25/64”) micro cut particles, credit cards and staples. With a product like this, you can rest assured that the information related to your documents will remain protected, and you will never become a victim of identity theft.

The patented Safety Lock feature keeps it off from accidentally being turned on by disabling the shredder when moved to the lock position. The product is essential for shredding confidential documents. If you have children roaming around your house, then this paper shredder is the right one for you because it comes with a Safety Lock.

Though a cool down period is needed, it can shred for up to seven minutes at a stretch. The product comes with one-year product and service warranty and five years cutter warranty. It is a medium duty shredder that works in a quiet manner and is an ideal for deskside use. It has four casters so that the user can move it quickly and a clear viewing window that enables one to see when the basket needs emptying.

Key Features

  • Shreds 10 sheets of paper per pass into 2011 (7/64”̎ X 25/64”̎ Security Level P-5) micro-cut particles; shreds staples and credit cards.
  • Runs up to 7 minutes before a cool down period is needed.
  • It has got Safety Lock that disables shredder when not in use.
  • It is a reliable, medium duty shredder that is right for desk side use.
  • It includes 5-gallon pull out bin

Our Reviews


  • It is a silent power monster.
  • The look of this machine is gorgeous; it shows exactly how full it is.


  • The safety lock is too simple.


Royal 14 Sheet Micro Cut Shredder (MC14MX)

Royal 14 Sheet Micro Cut Shredder shreds even the hardest of the user’s documents like CDs and DVDs and is the most comprehensive way of protecting information. It shreds up to 14 sheets of paper in a single pass (shred size of 4mm*10mm) and comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor. The product has a smooth slide out 8.5-gallon wastebasket that holds approximately 575 sheets of shredded paper.

The transparent viewing window in the front enables the user to see how full it is and the four casters ease mobility of the shredder. Pull out basket makes it easy to dispose of all your destroyed information. What further enhances the product’s uniqueness is the auto start/stop feature installed in it. Every care has been taken while bringing the product to you and the product reaches you in its finest state.

The product provides separate slots for shredding CDs, DVDs and credit cards. Different cutting slots ensure that credit cards are destroyed thereby destroying all the sensitive information. With a shredder like this, you can never become a victim of identity theft.

Key Features

  • Shreds CDs and DVDs
  • Has Pull Out Basket, so the user can empty it easily
  • It is a Micro Cut Shredder
  • It shreds up to 14 sheets at one Pass
  • It is featured with Auto start/stop
  • It is one of the finest efforts in a shredder that provides comfort with its design.

Our Reviews


  • Can be used a lot and best the price for the quality
  • Easy to empty and clean as it has pull out basket


  • Though it is an adequate shredder, it does not cut papers into fine squares
  • It makes sound like crunch bells

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