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Professional Paper Shredder Reviews

Offices from various companies will always find a way on how to dispose both confidential and sensitive documents that will not be used anymore. Since there is no place in the office where you can burn all the records, throwing them away in the trash bins for garbage people to collect will be the right option you can think of. But, don’t you think that throwing them away is not practical and might lead to fraud and identity theft. The best option that you can do so that you will properly dispose of confidential documents is to have passed through electric paper shredders. Office shredders might give you sheet shredding but for busy offices and departments, it’s nice to have professional electric paper shredders that are heavy duty and with high performance that can stand continuous shredding. If you procure the usual electric paper shredder and not the professional paper shredder, confidential shredding might take time. Therefore, I will be showing to you industrial shredders that are heavy duty and high performance.

First on the list of best shredders is the HSM 386.2 Professional. This industrial shredder is best for offices and departments in the company that is so busy with shredding papers. This commercial shredder is useful for an endless list. Thus, this heavy-duty office shredder can also shred credit cards, store cards, and as well as compact discs. It is indeed a practical storage for stacks of paper. It is equipped with advanced technology with its photoelectric cells, which is used for automatic start and stop control. It also has a rocker on/off switch and reverse function. It has a modern electronic controller such as the standby mode with LED indicator. This machine automatically stops when the pull-out bin is full and when the door is open. The waste bag capacity of this machine is about 116 liters.

Another high-performance commercial shredder that is best for confidential shredding is the HSM 411.2 Professional. This is definitely one of the best shredders for offices that require continuous shredding. This office paper shredder is capable of destroying computer listings and as well as credit cards, store cards, compact disks, floppy disks, and DAT cartridges. It has advanced keypad control for constant operation, which also comes with reverse control. It is also equipped with automatic start and stop control through the photoelectric cell. The sheet paper shredder automatically stops when the waste bag is full and when the door is open. On cases like paper jam, the convenient automatic reverse is indeed an excellent feature of this professional electric paper shredder. It has the modern electronic controller, plus, the standby mode with LED indicator. The waste bag of this shredding machine is both removable and reusable. The capacity of the waste bag is as big as 146 liters.

You should not wait that you will be victims of fraud and identity theft just because of improper disposal of your confidential and sensitive documents. Give your busy offices heavy duty and high performance professional electric paper shredders.