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Paper Shredder with Large Capacity Reviews

In busy offices, we need a machine that will take away the worry of having confidential documents still on file, especially those who will not be used anymore but have sensitive information. Well, of course, we do not just throw them away and be part of the growing victims of fraud and identity theft. We need one machine that works with our busy routine and can handle huge bulk shredding. Thus, a device that can store more than the usual shredded papers. I will be giving you reviews of paper shredders with high performance and with large capacity. The following are the perfect electronic paper shredders for heavy shredding.

First, we have an industrial shredder that is useful for offices and different departments that require bulky confidential shredding, HSM FA 500.3 Premium. This office shredder is capable of shredding compact discs, floppy disks, and it can even destroy the entire files and folders you like to dispose of. This commercial shredder is specially created for large shredding and can operate for a longer period. It has integrated manual oiler for the cutting unit. It is also equipped with stand by mode that has LED indicator. This electric paper shredder features keypad control for continuous operation and a reverse function. There is no worry on cases like paper jam because this confidential shredding machine automatically stops and the reverse will automatically function. The good quality about this office paper shredder is that is can shred documents of up to 650 sheets all at once, and other materials also like crumpled papers, computer listings, staples, paper clips, folders, credit cards, etc. The container has a capacity of up to 530 liters.

Second we have another HSM electric paper shredder with is capable of collecting large amount of shredded materials, HSM 450.2 Premium. This HSM shredder is a must-have for busy offices and departments in the company. This electric shredder is capable of destroying materials like the usual documents even with staples or paper clips and as well as sturdy materials like floppy disks, compact discs, credit cards and store cards. It comes with keypad controls for continuous confidential shredding. This machine automatically stops when the waste container is already full or has been removed from the device. This electric paper shredder is also equipped with advanced technology like the automatic reverse function in cases like paper jam. This office paper shredder also includes the removable trolley so that you can conveniently remove the waste bag and reuse it again. You can also change the machine from operating mode to standby mode. The best feature of this machine is the automatic start and stop control because of the photoelectric cell. The cutting capacity of this paper shredder is up to 85 sheets, and the container has a capacity of up to 290 liters.

Do not waste your time with machines that have lower container capacity and upgrade to electric paper shredders that give you high performance and quality confidential shredding. Invest to these machines and you will have a better output.