Office Paper Shredder Reviews

Offices and various organizations always have with them some private, confidential and sensitive documents. From time to time, they will come to the point of deciding that such documents shall be destroyed for security purposes. Security is the foremost reason why these organizations want to dispose and destroy documents such bills, credit card and other statements from the banks. These are some of the sensitive documents that are often used by many thieves to committing fraud. Since there is an emergent need for such purpose, electric paper shredders were created. There are various types of paper shredders on the market for different usage. Let us take a look at the following electric paper shredders for office use.

First we have the GBC Cross Cut Desk Side Shredder Mercury RSX1530. This office paper shredder is perfect for confidential shredding because it can shred up to 15 sheets in one shredding in a cross cut cutting style. This industrial shredder also accepts staples, paper clips, credit cards and as well as CDs. It has easy to use security controls and good for medium security. It has super quiet induction motor and a pull out bin. It is equipped with advanced anti-jam technology and the mouth illuminates whether you will continue shredding or stop; green means continue shredding and red warns you that there is too much paper inserted.

Another office electric paper shredder is the Securio B22, which will give you a high performance shredding machine for desk side use. This is one office shredder that is also best for confidential shredding because it will give a good strip cut to your documents, paper clips, credit cards and even CDs. It is capable of shredding up to 18 pages. This piece of paper shredding machine is equipped with on/off switch that has integrated reversing function. Thus, it also has automatic start/stop control. It created with an advanced technology, wherein it automatically stops when the waste container is full or removed. You will also save energy with this office shredder because it consumes zero energy when on standby. This is good for office use or personal use at home.

However, if you are looking for an electric paper shredding machine, which is good for heavy duty, then, the GBC Cross Cut Office Shredder Auto+ is one good addition for a busy department. This office paper compact shredder is created with advanced technology, wherein it has automatic feed function, which has a shredding capacity of 500 sheets. For papers with staples, it is recommended that 10 sheets shall be fed from time to time. Documents with staples and paper clips are accepted. This is one heavy duty electric paper shredding machine that gives you quiet shredding. This machine is secured with a password and locks automatically when shredding is done. It also has LCD display that is easy to use. The pull out bin can take shredded papers up to 83 litres.

Do not be a victim of fraud and identity theft. Secure all your documents and let the electric paper shredding machines do the work for you.