Fellowes Powershred P-48C with Safety Lock – White Reviews

The Fellowes Powershred P-48C is a cross cut shredder ideal for occasional use at home or small offices. It is designed to offer high security. Cross-cut shredders cut paper vertically and horizontally into confetti-like pieces. As a result, the paper compresses to a greater extent and thus the basket can hold a larger quantity of paper. For waste collection, it comes with an 18-liter waste bin. The bin has a cover that can be easily lifted to facilitate easy emptying. In addition to paper, it can also shred credit cards and staples. Shredding waste confidential documents are the best possible way to prevent strangers from misusing them or tampering with them. This ensures safety and security.

The P-48C also comes with a safety lock that disables the shredder and prevents it from accidental activation. Its auto-start and reverse functions make the usage of the machine convenient. The shredder can crosscut up to 8 sheets of paper at one go into 3.9 x 50 mm pieces. The width of the throat is 225 mm. It has a shred speed of 3.6m/min. It runs for about 3-5 minutes at a time. The P-35 C comes with a two year’s manufacturer’s warranty on the whole product and a three year on the cutters.

Usefulness of shredders either at home or office cannot be undermined. It helps the working desk and shelves from getting cluttered with unnecessary papers and thus keeps the environment neat and clean. For the same reasons of ecological considerations, the shredders are better propositions in comparison to burners or other modes of paper destroyers. Also it’s not easily possible burning or otherwise destroying the CDs and DVDs, paper clips and other hard objects like staples that the shredder can perform easily while helping the recycling process of paper as the shredded papers are used to create paper pulps. And for all these purpose devices like the Fellowes Powershred P-48C with Safety Lock –White works just fine.

Powershred P-48C Overview

Basic features of the Fellowes Powershred P-48C with Safety Lock –White are as follows.

It is a cross cut shredder which is best fitted for occasional uses either at home or office;

The device is meant for small and not very large establishments;

It offers great security features;

P-48C can cut papers both vertically and horizontally in confetti shapes;

Since on shredding the papers are also compressed the bin can contain large quantum of papers;

Bin with Cover is easy for emptying; and

Like some other contemporaries, the Shredder can also shred the credit cards, staples, and paper clips.

Safety Features

Most attractive part of the this shredder is the safety features that it offers.

Safety Lock disables the shredder preventing accidental activation when the shredder is not in use; and

Auto-start and reverse minimize the requirements of manual interference as well as the chances of an accident.

Other Features

Some other features of the Fellowes Powershred P-48C with Safety Lock are:

It takes eight sheets one-time maximum and can shred them into pieces of 3.9×50 mm confetti-like pieces;

Shredder throat has the width of 225mm;

Shredding speed of the Shredder is 3.6m/min;

It can run for around 3.5 minutes at a time; and

The shredder comes with a warranty of two years on the entire product and separately three years for the cutters.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the Fellowes Powershred P-48C are as follows.

The color is white, and model number is P-48C white;

It is a high-security shredding machine designed for occasional use at home or office;

The wastebasket capacity is 18 liters, larger than most of its contemporaries;

Sheet capacity gauge in the machine helps the user to judge the extent of papers to be inserted and thereby reduces the chances of paper jams; and

It comes with a full proof safety feature installed.

Universal Use

Fellowes Powershred P-48C is one shredder that can be used quite conveniently in any including the family environment. It has all the features of the Fellowes shredder and even more. Safety lock in the machine is designed to provide safety even to the curious hands of the children from accidents. It is located in the center of the shredder head and features an emergency shut off. Just pulling back the lock shuts down the shredder almost instantly.

Preventing Overload

One of the best features for which the device is liked by many users is the excellent capacity to prevent thermal overload. Protector installed for the purpose stops the shredder when it feels that the shredder has gone too hot. Immediately the shredder will shut down, and a red light will indicate the user that the protector has been activated.

Preventing Sticky Situations

Since the sheet capacity gauge is always active when the machine is running, and it continuously measures the cutter tolerance levels, it helps prevent paper jams and overwhelming of the cutters in the Fellowes Powershred P-48C.

User Feedbacks

For occasional use, the Fellowes Powershred P-48C with Safety Lock –White is an excellent shredder according to most users. Though it is a little bigger, the performance level is excellent, and that is what the users liked. The heavy build also helps prevent falling due to sudden impact of anyone with the machine accidentally.

With user rating of around 4.5/5, the device is certainly worth trying.