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Electric Paper Shredder Reviews

Some of the documents, particularly old ones that we want to get rid of are the bills, tax documents, bank statements of your credit cards, and other confidential things. We do not want just to throw them away in the trash cans. There are a lot of cases in the world of fraud and identity theft. They will be using all those documents thrown and get information from it. It is the reason why we always want everything secured even if we throw them away. If security is the problem for you, then, it should not be bothered by it anymore. There is one great solution for all the confidential documents you want to get rid of. Shredding all those confidential and sensitive documents through the use of electric paper shredders for home use is one perfect solution to your problem. Do not be bothered with security problems because we will give you the answer.

First on the list from our recommended home shredders is the HSM 70.2 Compact, which is suitable for personal document shredding and best for confidential shredding. This home shredder can shred documents up to 5 pages even with paper clips. It is equipped with advanced technology because it automatically stops and has integrated on/off switch reversing function. This personal shredder will also help you save energy because it does not consume power when in standby mode. The cutting style is strip cut and collecting container can accept up to 141 sheets.
Another home shredder is the GBC Crosscut Personal Shredder 21CDX-M, which is for personal use but giving you one good high-security shredder. This home electric paper shredder has automatic on/off switch and has the auto reverse function in case of paper jam. It is also equipped with advanced technology that prevents the machine from overheating because of the thermal motor overload protection device and current limiter circuit. This home sheet shredder can shred documents even up to 8 pages. This electric shredder does not just shred plain papers but as well as with staples and credit cards and CDs. It has separate slots for CDs and papers and even separate pull out bins.

If you are looking for an electric shredder that gives you the style, then, the GBC Cross Cut Personal Shredder Style is one great addition to the equipments you have at home. The cutting style of this perfect home shredder is cross cut and it is perfect for confidential shredding for it can shred documents of up to 6 sheets even those with staples, paper clips. This piece of equipment can also shred credit cards. It is available in three attractive and stylish color. It is equipped with advanced auto-reverse function in case of paper jam and the power will also cut off automatically. Another added technology is that it will not overheat because of the thermal motor overload protector device and the current limiter circuit. The GBC Cross Cut Personal Shredder Style has light indicators and easy empty open cabinet door. Therefore, functional ability and style combine for this must-have equipment.