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Aurora Paper Shredder Reviews

The Aurora paper shredder proves to be one of the popular products amongst the other products manufactured by this office supplies manufacturer. There are some such paper shredders produced by this brand, and these products come in a wide range of prices for you. It is not uncommon to hear about problems with almost any brand or product, and this brand is no exception.

However, their track record shows that they have proved to be quite reliable for their consumers. Even though a few of their consumers have been seen to complain about their quality not being up to the mark, the shredders have performed quite well in most cases. The company claims, along with a good number of consumer reviews, that an Aurora paper shredder is designed to last for a long period.

If you are after purchasing a paper shredder, considering this brand requires you to go through some product details before you reach any conclusion. Let us look at some of the main features of this useful product that can come handy for both your home and office.

The Aurora Paper Shredder Basic Features

You can opt to purchase an Aurora paper shredder either for your home or your office, or to serve you for both the purposes. There are a huge number of models with this brand for you to check out. Some of the high-end products from Aurora can handle around 2000 sheets daily. It is often seen that other objects, such as staples and pins, credit cards, etc. often get through with the papers in the paper shredders.

A heavy duty Aurora paper shredder can handle all such items (of course up to a limit) and yet not break down or show any damage. However, it is always good to be cautious about what you are putting into the machine as often these can cost you a good deal! At the same time you can also get hold of one of the low range models as well, that can handle up to 8 sheets at a time.

The Price Range and the Models

There are around 21 models to check out when you are looking to purchase an Aurora paper shredder. These models come with different load ratings, prices, and special features. While a higher range Aurora shredder can cost up to $1500 approximately, one of the base models can be purchased for as less as $30. It depends on the workload and the functions you are after.

For example, the most expensive model is seen to be AS1540CD, which costs around $1500. It claims to be jam free, crosscuts the papers, and can shred credit cards, CDs, DVDs and other minor objects like pins and staples that might get in with the paperwork by mistake. On the other hand, the model AS810SD costs around $30 and requires you to be more careful with what you put into it to be shredded if you want it to last long!

What Customers Have to Say

As I have already pointed out, some people have found a few models a bit unreliable owing to the delicate plastic parts that tend to get damaged if overloaded. But most users have agreed to the fact that if an Aurora paper shredder is used in the best possible way, keeping the load conditions and the capability of the model you have purchased, it lasts long and performs very well.

In fact, some of the models have proved to be ideal for users very satisfied with what they got for their money. The shredders are quite reasonable priced, and there are many commercial shredding businesses that use these shredders for their business. In fact, these shredders have seen a mixed review from the consumers, some claiming them to be very useful and reliable, while others were stating that they would love to see some changes with the models.

Some Advice

When you are after an Aurora paper shredder, the best thing to do is decide on what your requirements are. Try to understand the fact that purchasing a lower end model and using it for commercial purposes will only leave you dissatisfied with the results you are going to see through these shredders. So think about facts like how much load you are going to put on the shredders each day if you want fast results, and so on.

Lastly, the budget is also something that you must consider. Keep all these points in your mind and then decide on the best model with the Aurora paper shredder to serve your purpose in the best possible way.

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